As of January 12, 2020, FLYRiverton is partnering with United Express, operated by SkyWest Airlines, to provide service between Riverton, Wyoming and Denver, Colorado.

This partnership provides efficient, stable, reliable air service between Fremont County and the world.

We have compiled these FAQs for you, but don’t hesitate to contact us directly with any additional questions about your travels.

Who is United Express?

The United Express flights in Riverton are operated by SkyWest Airlines. SkyWest started in 1972 and is known for connecting small and medium-sized communities to the global aviation network.

SkyWest has approximately 2,500 daily departures (more flights than any other regional airline in the world) to over 250 cities with a fleet of nearly 500 aircraft. In 2018, SkyWest flew 38.8 million passengers, and in 2019 it was named one of “Fortune World’s” Most Admired Companies and ATW Regional Airline of the Year for the third time.

SkyWest and United Express are not affiliated with Great Lakes.

In the last 12 months, SkyWest scheduled 2,066 flights from Rock Springs, Laramie, and Gillette. Only four were cancelled due to controllable events (i.e. aircraft maintenance).

Change of Service Timing

No. The last day of Denver Air Connection service at Riverton Regional Airport was January 11, 2020.

Services with United Express

The codeshare relationship with United results in best ticket pricing, competitive with other Wyoming airports. Flyers can earn/redeem United MileagePlus frequent flyer miles. You will have passenger protection during irregular operations.

You will still have reliable jet service between Riverton, Denver, and Sheridan.

Ticket price varies depending on the time of purchase and final destination. The code-share agreement with United will provide best pricing to final destination. Look at tickets here for your upcoming travel.

Riverton passengers enjoy service aboard the quiet, comfortable Bombardier CRJ200 50- seat jet. SkyWest is a leading CRJ200 operator and has been named the manufacturer’s most reliable operator in North America five times.

Seating on UnitedExpress flight from Riverton and Denver

Travel Planning with United Express

To see the flight schedule as of December 2020, click here.

No, currently there are not any direct flights between Riverton and Sheridan.

Yes! We always want you to come back!

You can take daily flights to more than 160 airports in the U.S. United Express also connects in Denver to 12 international locations including non-stop to Tokyo, London, Frankfurt, several destinations in Mexico and Latin America, the Caribbean, and five destinations in Canada.

United Express by Skywest flights from Denver FlyRiverton

You are able to check your bags all the way to your final destination. You do not have to retrieve and re-check your luggage in Denver. Your baggage, however … that’s for you to deal with.

Tickets are available 300 days in advance.

No. However, you can contact Denver Air Connection directly for availability of use on their other routes.

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